(Formerly Magruder Pointe)

Replacing decades of urban decay with a traditional residential neighborhood!

Lot Plan
Suffrage Point
Suffrage Walk
Corner of 40th Place and Gallatin Street
Hamilton Street, looking Southwest
Gallatin Street, looking Northeast
Along 41st Avenue, Looking Southwest
Along Gallatin Street, Looking Northeast
Along 41st Avenue, Looking Southwest

Suffrage Point will offer that community connection by enhancing the vibrant residential architecture that currently exists on Hamilton Street  Adjacent to Magruder Park, residents of the new development will also enjoy an open and upgraded view of this beautiful neighborhood amenity.

Property Info

Located immediately adjacent to the heart of the Hyattsville Arts District. Suffrage Point is next to Magruder Park and walking distance to shops, restaurants and West Hyattsville Metro.

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Number of Units


Delivery Expected


From 1,800-3,500 sq. feet

Summer 2019

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Hamilton Street, looking Southwest